The Truth About 4th Spot

I tweeted this out, but I want it here as well, a good 30 mins before the Committee announces it. Here is the truth about the Top 4:

  • Florida State has to go. They’re the defending National Champs. Only undefeated team in College Football. They haven’t lost since 2012. You simply can’t leave them out due to the “eyeball test”.
  • TCU can’t go. The system is more broken than ever if TCU goes. Their record, schedule & conference are identical to Baylor’s (don’t talk to me about Minnesota) & Baylor beat them head to head.

So here’s the breakdown on the three competing for that final spot (Baylor, TCU, Ohio State):

  • Baylor is most deserving of the three: Big 12 > Big Ten, Baylor beat TCU head to head, JT Barrett is out for Ohio State.
  • TCU is probably the best team of three: “Eyeball test” tells me that as well, but they lost to Baylor so speculation should be removed entirely. That’s why games are actually played instead of just relying on preseason rankings.
  • Ohio State will be the one selected: They’re the only true conference champion of the three, they have by far the largest fan base of the three, they played 13 games while Baylor and TCU only played 12, they lost early in the season, they stomped Michigan State & Wisconsin.

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