Michigan v Michigan State: Craziest College Football Ending Ever?

One fan had a heart attack and was taken to the hospital from the Big House after the ending of the Michigan v Michigan State game. The hero for the Spartans, redshirt freshman Jalen Watts-Jackson broke his hip on the game-winning play and ensuing dog pile celebration. I mean, you could watch football for the next 20 years and never see another ending like it.

This wasn’t just a crazy ending though. This was a crazy ending that could likely greatly affect the outcome of the entire season for several schools. Both Michigan State and Michigan are in the Big Ten – East battling for a spot in the Big Ten Title Game where the champion will likely go the College Football Playoff. Ohio State, also in the Big Ten – East, hosts Michigan State and then plays at Michigan to end the season. I could very easily see Ohio State winning at home against MSU, then losing on the road to rival Michigan. That would cause all sorts of chaos as three teams from the same division would have identical conference records with each taking a turn winning and losing to the other two. Michigan however would have two total losses on the season while MSU and OSU would only have one. Simply put, chances are Michigan lost it’s chance at the College Football Playoff on that final play Saturday. Add to that, the rivalry. The situation–time left on the clock and the score. The seemingly ease and routineness (if that’s a word) of the play. Unbelievable to end the way it did. Never seen anything like it! It made me and fans everywhere wonder, is that the craziest ending ever?

Three plays immediately came to mind, so I did a little research but ended up keeping it to those same three, based on rivalries and the overall impact on the season (UNLV beat Baylor in 1999 in a relatively meaningless game looking back as neither program was very good or even in the same conference. UNLV scored on a 99-yard fumble return as time expired when Baylor could have simply taken a knee and won the game.)

So here they are, which do you think is the craziest?

Michigan v Michigan State “Scoop and Score”: Michigan punter Blake O’Neill fumbles the snap, allowing rival Michigan State to ‘Scoop and Score’ to win the game as time expires.

Cal v Stanford “The Play to Beat the Band”: Stanford kicks a field goal with 0:04 left to play against Pac 10 rival Cal to lead 20-19. All that’s left is to not let the Bears return the kickoff back for a touchdown. Well after Cal lateraled the ball 5 times and the Stanford band marched onto the field prematurely, that proved to be easier said than done. Cal won 25-20. This game also had very low stakes, but the band on the field is just too good to not include.

Auburn v Alabama “Kick Six”: The game is tied between bitter rivals in the Iron Bowl–both teams fighting for a spot in the SEC and National Championship games. Bama goes for a game winning 57-yard field goal with 1 second left. Auburn wisely puts return man Chris Davis deep in the end zone to catch the likely short kick. Here’s what happened.

I guess personally I’ll have to wait and see how this season plays out in the Big Ten to make a final decision, but for now I give “Kick Six” a narrow edge over “Scoop and Score”.

Man I love College Football!

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