College Football Mid-Season Report

You wanna know why I love College Football so much? Because the entire season feels like the playoffs. I mean, what is more exciting from start to finish than College Football? Maybe the 100-meter dash Gold Medal Race? But that only lasts about 9 seconds nowadays–College Football lasts several months!

I’m always interested to hear what you all think, so please answer the poll questions below and by all means, leave some comments. With that, here’s my take on the first 7 weeks of our beloved College Football season:

Conference Rankings

  1. SEC – Even though this isn’t the dominant SEC we’ve come to know over the past decade, this is still the toughest conference top to bottom. The SEC will without question be represented in the Playoff.
    • Predicted Champ: Alabama
  2. Big Ten – I’m surprising even myself with this, but with three unbeatens (Ohio State, Michigan State and Iowa), including the defending National Champs plus another top team in Michigan, the Big Ten is proving it’s resurgence. Thank Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh for that, oh and having 14 teams in a conference called the Big Ten.
    • Predicted Champ: Ohio State (now that they’re finally committing to JT Barrett again)
  3. Big 12 – I almost put this 10-team Big 12 ahead of the 14-team Big Ten. Baylor and TCU are definitely right in the Playoff mix (though TCU does not look as dominant as expected thus far, I think they’ll finish strong) with Oklahoma and Oklahoma State right behind. But 5 teams (half the conference) have losing records at the halfway point of the season, including 0-6 Kansas who has been outscored 134-40 in three conference games so far. That’s basically a bye week for the rest of the conference.
    • Predicted Champ: TCU
  4.  Pac-12 – Oregon and USC have both underachieved while Utah has overachieved. Utah beat Michigan, embarrassed Oregon and is now ranked no. 3 in the country, yet they’re 4-pt underdogs at 3-3 USC this Saturday. This conference is very much up for grabs and a 2-loss Pac-12 Champ will not be Playoff worthy, nor will a 1-loss Pac-12 runner-up. Could get interesting in the Pac.
    • Predicted Champ: Utah
  5. ACC – Florida State continues to win without Jameis Winston and Clemson appears to finally be a potential Playoff team. Beyond that, all I see are basketball teams. If either FSU or Clemson can run the table, they’ll be in the Playoff, otherwise the ACC will be on the outside looking in when it comes time to determine national supremacy.
    • Predicted Champ: Clemson

My Playoff Teams

  1. Ohio State
  2. TCU
  3. Alabama
  4. Utah

Next Four

  • Clemson
  • Baylor
  • LSU
  • Michigan

Currently Overrated

  • Florida
  • Florida State
  • Notre Dame
  • Iowa


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