Meet Me (the author)

The quick version: Entrepreneur. Founder of  . Lover of all things Sports. BYU alum. Travel addict. Mormon.

The slightly longer version: I’m Sean Bingham, born in Fairfax, VA and therefore a diehard Washington Redskins fan. I moved to Utah just before I started 4th Grade. I was the kid who rarely watched cartoons. Instead I’d be outside playing sports pretending I was Barry Sanders, Michael Jordan or Cal Ripken Jr. I started reading the Sports section of the paper and fully understanding and dissecting box scores when I was 9 years old–a real ‘sports nerd’ if you will. All growing up, sports were my life. I played baseball, football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, ran track, was on the swim team, snow and water skied, rock climbed, etc. And I still do all those things. I’d like to think I was a decent athlete, but unfortunately was never great at any one sport to the point I could fulfill my dream of playing professionally, so I began preparing to talk about sports professionally instead 🙂

I graduated in 2006 from BYU in Broadcast Journalism with an obvious sports emphasis. While at BYU, I started my own TV show called “Sports Valley” which aired throughout Provo, UT. I also did play-by-play commentary for BYU Baseball and the local high school football and basketball games that aired on cable. After I graduated, I had some cool offers to be a sportscaster for small market news stations, but a series of events and circumstances led me to take a high-octane sales job where I stayed for five years. I’ve always had the entrepreneurial bug, so after five years of intense sales, I started a company called Gigg with my brother Justin. We worked our tails off for 2.5 years on that before selling it. A few months later we launched Kameleonz, a fresh, hip lifestyle brand specializing in unique eyewear and headwear (interchangeable and floatable sunglasses, reversible beanies, etc.).  I love my job and the people I work with! I’m also a travel junkie, having visited over 30 countries and counting.

Why the sports blog? This is my passion! I love sports and nearly everything about them. I love participating in them, attending games and events, watching them, talking about them–everything. My secret plan is still to one day, when Kameleonz has taken over the world, become a sportscaster on a national level.

Where does ‘STB’ come from? Well first off, those are my initials. More importantly though, it’s an acronym I learned when I was 12 years old in Las Vegas with my Dad at a software convention. There was a company with a booth there and the name “STB”. I told my Dad to sit tight while I went to investigate. I asked the man what his company name stood for and he said “Simply The Best”. Life changer for me 🙂

My favorite teams are:

  • NFL: Washington Redskins
  • NBA: Utah Jazz (though I’m not a diehard since I grew up a huge MJ fan and cheered for him to beat the Jazz in both the ’97 and ’98 Finals)
  • MLB: Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles


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