Does Jimmer Fredette Have a Future in the NBA?

To breakdown Jimmer’s shooting, defense (or lack thereof) and real NBA potential, I caught up with Craig Bolerjack, the voice of the Utah Jazz, and Spencer Linton, host of BYU Sports Nation. Hit the play button below to listen to the podcast as you read the article. Catch it all on iTunes here: Simply The Best Sports Podcast (please find, subscribe and rate us on iTunes).

I’ll answer the question. Yes! He’s an incredible shooter, and that alone should help him find a longterm home in the NBA. Here are Jimmer’s stats from his incredible Senior season at BYU, until now. Look at what he can do if given minutes! He’s a legitimate offensive threat.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 4.14.01 PM

These so-called “experts” who say he can’t create his own shot clearly haven’t watched a single game Jimmer has ever played in. He was splitting double teams better than anyone I’ve ever seen in college and drilling deep 3s, getting to the paint, finishing with either hand, nailing difficult runners over much taller players. He was unstoppable. He was to the NCAA in 2011 what Stephen Curry is to the NBA in 2016. He was that good. Now, that being said, I fully understand that the college game is very different from the pro game and that there are countless guys who excelled in college only to bust in the NBA. I just feel it’s unfair to paint Jimmer in that same light. He hasn’t been given the proper opportunity or system to play his game. Plenty of scorers are poor defenders. Most scorers require volume minutes and shooting to be in rhythm and be effective. Once someone gives Jimmer that chance, we’ll see what he can really do.

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