College Football – Week 10 Recap

Week 10 of the 2015 College Football Season is in the books. Big games this weekend that we knew would shake up the landscape of College Football and the coveted Playoff spots.

Let’s take a look back now at my rankings and team summaries from a week ago to see how I did.

Teams I was Right About:

  • Alabama – I never doubted for a second that the Crimson Tide would beat LSU, and they did.
  • Michigan State – I called it. Third best team in their own conference (Ohio State, Michigan–Iowa being 4th). Lost to a good, but sub .500 Nebraska team.
  • Memphis – I started to doubt myself a bit on this one. I really went against the grain ranking Memphis clear down at no. 27 despite being undefeated, including a win over Ole Miss. But guess what? Memphis lost by 25 to unranked Navy and Ole Miss lost by 1 in OT to unranked Arkansas.

Team I was Wrong About:

  • TCU – I fully expected the 49-29 final score vs. Oklahoma State to be in favor of the Horned Frogs, but I was wrong. The Cowboys dominated TCU from start to finish.

If the Playoffs were Today?

  1. CLEMSON – 10-pt. win over no. 16 Florida State solidifies the Tigers as no. 1 in the land
  2. OHIO STATE – the Defending Champs continue to win despite a bit of a QB carousel
  3. ALABAMA – four wins over top 25, most in the country
  4. LSU – three wins over top 25 and only loss is on the road to Alabama. LSU won’t be here on Tuesday, but they should be
  5. Oklahoma State – undefeated and coming off a big win over TCU
  6. Baylor – still undefeated but still haven’t played anyone
  7. Notre Dame – two wins over top 25 and only loss was at now no. 1 Clemson by 2 pts.
  8. Stanford – two wins over top 25, haven’t lost since Week One at now no. 24 Northwestern
  9. Utah – good win over Washington, we’ll see how long Devontae Booker can keep it going
  10. TCU – big loss to Oklahoma State has me wondering
  11. Oklahoma – looking good so far, but the Sooners always find a way to lose at some point when it matters
  12. Michigan – been pretty dominant since Week One loss at Utah other than the scoop and score by Michigan State that will likely haunt the Wolverines at least until next season
  13. Michigan State – solid team, but they lost to Nebraska, should have lost to Michigan, and will lose to Ohio State
  14. Florida – didn’t look good in a 9-7 last second win over lowly Vanderbilt, but the Gators are 8-1 and now SEC-East Champs
  15. Iowa – unfortunately, the Hawkeyes will almost certainly make the Big Ten Championship undefeated, but whether they face Ohio State, Michigan State or Michigan, they’ll lose. Probably the most overrated team in the country right now

Updated Final Playoff Prediction:

  1. Ohio State – ending the season with 3 straight wins over Michigan State, Michigan and Iowa should put the Buckeyes at no. 1
  2. Clemson – should have no trouble running the table from here
  3. Alabama – 1-loss SEC Champ. Enough said.
  4. Notre Dame – yep, the Pac-12 and the Big 12 will get left out. The Committee really likes the Fighting Irish, and honestly, so do I. I think they beat Stanford to finish the season 11-1 and steal that final playoff spot.

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