Holy War 6-Peat, My Day-After Thoughts

11 Sep , 2016  

What a weekend! I had to endure another BYU loss to Utah–the sixth straight, we got opening weekend of the NFL and my fantasy team is off to a horrendous start, and today is 9/11. A lot going on. Let’s focus on the Holy War though, since I’ve had nearly 24 hours to digest it […]

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BYU to the Big 12, Western Conference Finals Preview, LeBron’s Legacy and more

13 May , 2016  

Why the Big 12 needs BYU just like BYU needs the Big 12. Who should be the twelfth team to also join the Big 12 with BYU. Why the Warriors should fear the Thunder in the Western Conference Finals. LeBron’s legacy and more. More info below. Listen to Simply The Best Sports Podcast on iTunes […]

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Holy War Takeaways

19 Dec , 2015  

No, I don’t mean the five BYU 1st quarter turnovers, I mean what we learned from the game. I don’t really even know where to start. So much went as I anticipated it would: close game decided by one score, Utah’s offense struggled majorly and BYU lost the turnover battle. Yet the first 10 minutes […]

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Breaking Down the Holy War–With the Help of a Ute

16 Dec , 2015  

We are officially in the thick of rivalry week! One of the most anticipated bowl games of the season. I wanted to really dive in and break down the Sin City Holy War as thoroughly as possible as a follow up to my last post. To help me, I asked a football-knowledgeable Utah fan friend […]

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The Holy War Bowl: The Utes Worst Nightmare

7 Dec , 2015  

Even when the Utes try to avoid playing BYU for a couple years, the powers that be won’t allow it. We’ll all be lucky enough to watch these two archrivals battle it out for the first time ever in a Bowl game December 19 in Las Vegas in what will be BYU Head Coach Bronco […]

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College Football – Week 10 Recap

8 Nov , 2015  

Week 10 of the 2015 College Football Season is in the books. Big games this weekend that we knew would shake up the landscape of College Football and the coveted Playoff spots. Let’s take a look back now at my rankings and team summaries from a week ago to see how I did. Teams I […]

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The STB Sports Take College Football Rankings

2 Nov , 2015  

With the first College Football Playoff rankings being announced tomorrow, I thought I’d share my own. A lot will change this final month with so many big conference games. But as of now, here’s how I see things–meaning if the season were to end today, the top four are the teams I see as most […]

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College Football Mid-Season Report

22 Oct , 2015  

You wanna know why I love College Football so much? Because the entire season feels like the playoffs. I mean, what is more exciting from start to finish than College Football? Maybe the 100-meter dash Gold Medal Race? But that only lasts about 9 seconds nowadays–College Football lasts several months! I’m always interested to hear […]

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Michigan v Michigan State: Craziest College Football Ending Ever?

19 Oct , 2015  

One fan had a heart attack and was taken to the hospital from the Big House after the ending of the Michigan v Michigan State game. The hero for the Spartans, redshirt freshman Jalen Watts-Jackson broke his hip on the game-winning play and ensuing dog pile celebration. I mean, you could watch football for the […]

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Never Bet Against Urban Meyer

15 Jan , 2015  

Urban Meyer did it again–won a conference title followed by a “BCS” bowl win and a National Championship. He’s the best coach in college football. I’ve said it for years, ever since he turned Utah around and led them to an undefeated season capped by a win over Pitt in the Fiesta Bowl–the first ever […]

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