Does Jimmer Fredette Have a Future in the NBA?

28 Feb , 2016  

To breakdown Jimmer’s shooting, defense (or lack thereof) and real NBA potential, I caught up with Craig Bolerjack, the voice of the Utah Jazz, and Spencer Linton, host of BYU Sports Nation. Hit the play button below to listen to the podcast as you read the article. Catch it all on iTunes here: Simply The Best […]

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The Mistakes in ESPN’s Top 100 NBA Players List

28 Feb , 2016  

Craig Bolerjack is back with host Sean Bingham to discuss the top players in the NBA and tell you where ESPN’s panel got it wrong. Click play below to listen while you read. Or, have a listen on iTunes here: Simply The Best Sports Podcast (find us, subscribe to us and rate us on iTunes please!) […]

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My Starting Five

9 Nov , 2014  

In a league full of stars, only five guys can play at a time. So if you had to pick from all the stars to ever play, who would be the best starting five? Who was truly the best at their position? Who knows how to win? Who rises to the occasion? Who makes others […]

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