The STB Sports Take College Football Rankings

2 Nov , 2015  

With the first College Football Playoff rankings being announced tomorrow, I thought I’d share my own. A lot will change this final month with so many big conference games. But as of now, here’s how I see things–meaning if the season were to end today, the top four are the teams I see as most […]

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College Football Mid-Season Report

22 Oct , 2015  

You wanna know why I love College Football so much? Because the entire season feels like the playoffs. I mean, what is more exciting from start to finish than College Football? Maybe the 100-meter dash Gold Medal Race? But that only lasts about 9 seconds nowadays–College Football lasts several months! I’m always interested to hear […]

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Michigan v Michigan State: Craziest College Football Ending Ever?

19 Oct , 2015  

One fan had a heart attack and was taken to the hospital from the Big House after the ending of the Michigan v Michigan State game. The hero for the Spartans, redshirt freshman Jalen Watts-Jackson broke his hip on the game-winning play and ensuing dog pile celebration. I mean, you could watch football for the […]

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2 Feb , 2015  

Tom Brady is officially the GOAT. Not goat, but GOAT. Greatest of All Time. There were some questions still lingering about that leading into Super Bowl XLIX, but he answered them all for us. What Tom Brady and the New England Patriots did yesterday in the 4th Quarter sums up why he’s the best to […]

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Don’t Wake the Sleeping Bear

28 Dec , 2014  

Gonzaga beat BYU yesterday in the Marriott Center–one of the toughest places to play in the country–and I feel partially responsible for the Cougar loss. My friends and I were lucky enough to land some front row seats right next to the Gonzaga bench–not behind it, but right next to it where they could hear […]

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The Big 12 Needs BYU

8 Dec , 2014  

That’s right, the Big 12 needs BYU. Sure, BYU needs the Big 12 as well, but there’s no question the Big 12 takes a major step forward by adding the Cougars to the conference. In the wake of the Committee’s announcement of the first-ever College Football Playoff, it’s clear to all that the Big 12 […]

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No Divisions, Just Conferences

6 Dec , 2014  

I’m sitting here watching the SEC Championship game–a game in which I’m sure Missouri will lose big for the second straight year. Last year the Missouri Tigers lost 59-42 to the Auburn Tigers. This year Mizzou plays Alabama. Let’s be real, if Missouri was in the SEC West, consistently playing the likes of Alabama, Auburn, […]

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My Starting Five

9 Nov , 2014  

In a league full of stars, only five guys can play at a time. So if you had to pick from all the stars to ever play, who would be the best starting five? Who was truly the best at their position? Who knows how to win? Who rises to the occasion? Who makes others […]

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Meet Me (the author)

9 Nov , 2014  

The quick version: Entrepreneur. Founder of Kameleonz #lifesabeach. Lover of all things Sports. BYU alum. Travel addict. Mormon. The slightly longer version: I’m Sean Bingham, born in Fairfax, VA and therefore a diehard Washington Redskins fan. I moved to Utah just before I started 4th Grade. I was the kid who rarely watched cartoons. Instead I’d be […]


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